About David Lumsden

At age 6 after watching the TV show Peter Gunn, David hounded his father to take him to the record store to buy the Henry Mancini soundtrack album thereby providing first introduction to cool blue jazz styles. By age 10 when David got his first guitar, he also be came heavily influenced by the British blues rock revolution of the 1960's starting with the Yardbirds Rave Up album. In 1970 at age 15, another aspiring musician foolishly loaned him Freddie King's Getting Ready album and that was it, David never returned the album.

David Lumsden is an American Electric Blues Guitarist, Songwriter, Vocalist, Song Arranger, Producer and Musical Director new album of David Lumsden & Friends “Hues of Blues” released in September 2018. This album features David collaborating with several central Illinois blues friends:


Features Are (Listed in order on album):


· David Lumsden – Vocal / Guitar


· Wayne Carter – Vocal / Keyboards


· Bill “Machine Gun” Evans – Vocal / Guitar


· Reggie Britton aka “Mr. BMJ” – Vocal / Drums


· Mary Jo Curry - Vocal 


· Steve “The Harp” Mehlberg – Vocal / Blues Harp


· Andon Davis – Guitar


Additional Backing Musicians Are:


· Gary Davis – Bass / Keyboards


· Arthur Carey Sr. – Drums


· Jim Engel – Drums


· Rich Leigh - Bass


· Ezra Casey – Keyboards


· Tim Bahn – Keyboards


· Dion Doss – Drums


The goal is to illustrate an engaging and diverse range of blues music with common thread of David’s versatile arrangements, tastes and blues guitar styles.

Individual Reviews

"Vocally Lumsden is the quintessential blues man with a well lived whiskey soaked voice that oozes years of paying his dues and knowing just what he's all about in "David's world of want to be's" playing as a guitarist is virtuoso with a deft touch that borders on being out of this world"

Peter Merrett, PBS 106 - Melbourne, Australia

"David Lumsden is inspired and very creative in his interpretations." 

"Lumsden provides gritty vocals and equally gritty guitar."

Graham Clarke, Blues Bytes - 2/17/19

"David shows that he is a great guitarist"

Eigen Beheer, Back to the Roots (Belgium & Netherlands)


"Dave's gritty voice and smokin' guitar feel right at home"

Jim Santella, Southland Blues - 2/22/19

"David Lumsden is able to swing you to the most greasy blues-rock face as the sweetest romance"

Caesar, Blue Again (France) - 12/2/18

 "There are a handful of great blues guitarists, and David Lumsden is definitely one of them"

Bob Leggett, LA Music Critic Indie Voice Blog - 11/23/18

Album Reviews - Hues of Blues

"Well crafted originals and a set of covers showing originality and imagination"

"Kudos to Lumsden for self-producing a fine album that makes for a great listen"

Steve Jones, Blues Blast Magazine - 12/22/18

"Differing styles of blues that are raw and powerful. They remind us why we fell in love with the blues in the first place!"

Sheryl & Don Crow, Nashville Roots Alliance - 11/16/18

 Note: David was formerly the Lead Guitarist for Hurricane Ruth as well as songwriting collaborator and arranger (from 2011 – 2017). A few accolades David received regarding his work with Hurricane Ruth follow:  

  “Lumsden’s strident, aggressive guitar driving the sound along like a train”

Blues Matters – UK – 2/26/15

"David’s muscular guitar riffs are a central part of the band’s sound.”

Crossroads Blues Society of Northern Illinois, Nov. – Dec. 2014

Blues Blast Magazine – 11/13/14

 “An abundance of guitar heroics”

Norman Transcript – 10/10/14

 "Fiery guitar stylings” 

Dan and Sheryl’s Blues Blog – 9/9/14

“Lumsden’s wailing guitar with plenty of vinegar and salt”

JazzWax – 9/29/14


“Dirty guitar licks”

“Poignant guitar lead”

Blues Blast Magazine – 5/31/12

“Sonic guitar work” “aggressive guitar attack” “smooth laid back guitar” “shows his versatility”

Bman’s Blues Report – 9/16/14

"Lumsden barely allows you to take a breath as he melts the strings on his guitar” 

“Lumsden lays down solid guitar that cannot be denied”

Peter Merrett – PBS 106.7 Melbourne, Australia – 9/14/14